Bonsaii German Shredder

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Bonsaii German Shredder

Patented Cutting Technology

  • Bonsaii shredders provide you with the ultimate solution for reliable and durable document destruction with high performance solid cutters. 
  • High Precision engineering provides the unsurpassed cutting quality, this ensures your confidential, financial and sensitive documents are shredded and protected from theft. 

Advanced Cooling System

  • bonsaii machines are fitted with a patented high performance cooling system; this provides the ultimate shredding experience and is unsurpassed in this area of the market. 
  • Cool air is circulated and hot air is expelled to ensure the cutting system is always working at the ideal temperature for the highest shredding performance. 

Energy Saving

  • bonsaii is committed to helping the environment and has developed an energy saving stand-by feature on all the shredders. 
  • This ECO technology not only helps to save energy; but also save your money by reducing the electric consumption whilst the machine is not being used or left over night. 

Anti-jam Technology

  •  bonsaii shredders are equipped with an ultra-reliable and ultra-durable automatic anti-jam system. 
  • Advanced Jam detection automatically reverses the machine when over-loading to prevent the jam happening in the first place.

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