Joyusing V500W Document Camera ( Wireless )

  • $380.00

V500W wireless document camera features four connection modes, WiFi/HDMI/VGA/USB. You can connect it with computer, Mac, Android devices via WiFi/USB, or directly with an interactive panel, projector, or monitor via HDMI/VGA that best suits your needs.

Wireless Connection for Your Classroom

Create a direct connection to computer( (Win10/MacOS), Android Tablet/Android Phone by WiFi. It is convenient to use a V500W WiFi document camera anywhere and anytime, and to enjoy wireless freedom. With a battery life of 9h, V500W will last through your entire teaching or presentation session.

Wireless, HDMI, USB, VGA Connectivity

4 connection modes are available for your different needs,including WiFi, HDMI, USB, and VGA connectivity. Direct HDMI/VAG projection to a TV, monitor, or projector. No computer required. USB connect to a computer. Computer is necessary. Wireless connection to Android devices by WiFi.

Direct HDMI/VAG Projection to a TV, Monitor, or Projector with No Computer Required

The HDMI connection is available to a touch screen, monitor, or projector because of built-in PC-free software. The PC-free mode include rotation, split-screen, annotation and magnifying, etc. An immersive classroom is easy to come out with the help of a V500W WiFi document camera.

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