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Replacement Projector Lamps

Over time, the lamp in your projector will lose brightness and dim, making it harder to discern the image being projected. The point at which your lamp will need replacing will differ, but in many cases users can expect up to 6,000 hours of usage from a lamp before it loses more than half of its brightness. If you’re a business who uses your projector on a daily basis, this may come sooner than you think.

Fortunately, Office World Supplies offers a cost-effective solution for home and commercial projector users. We offer a range of projector lamps at some of the most competitive prices in Singapore, making it easy to get your projector shining brightly again no matter what kind of budget you’re operating on. Take a look at our range today and find a lamp to suit your model.

The smarter choice for your home or office set-up

Office World Supplies provides lasting support for our projector customers. Leverage our years of experience in projection technology and let us help you find the most suitable lamp for your model. In many cases we’ll be able to provide you with a replacement identical to your original lamp, but if not we will always endeavour to replace it with a lamp of equal brightness and quality.

Choosing Office World Supplies as your replacement lamp suppliers ensures that you’re never far from the products or the information you need to have your projector functioning at its very best. Built by an experienced team of professionals who understand how to meet the needs of a variety of commercial and private clients, choosing Office World Supplies guarantees you satisfaction every time you work with us.

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