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Protect your business’ data with an efficient, heavy duty shredder machine from Office World Supplies Singapore. We offer a full spectrum of machines for use in a variety of environments, from home offices to secure government installations. Whether you simply need an economical way to dispose of old documents, or a secure method of destruction of credit cards or optical media to bound documents, we have the paper shredder for you.

Office World Supplies is proud to offer products from some of the world’s leading shredder machine manufacturers such as Fellowes and GBC at highly competitive prices in Singapore. Take a look at our range of paper shredder products for your office in Singapore and buy one for your home or office today.

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine Types

Depending on the specific nature of your work, the sensitivity of your data and the applicability of information security regulations and legislation, you may require either a very basic strip-cut shredder or a high-security particle-cut unit. Whatever your organisation’s needs, we can provide you with a shredder machine that fits within your budget and meets your security requirements. 

Many of our auto feed shredders offer additional features such as continuous shredding of hundreds of sheets, intelligent locking systems to prevent data theft and the ability to shred sheets with wrinkles, staples and even paper clips. 

Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine

When you buy a heavy duty cross cut paper shredder machine, you can expect the following features:

  • Cutting mechanism: Cross cut shredders slice paper into small cross-sections.
  • Security level: Provides moderate security, ideal for most confidential documents.
  • Document reconstruction: Difficult to reconstruct shredded documents.
  • Suitable for: Ideal for office use, particularly for confidential paperwork.
  • Cost: Typically more expensive than strip cut shredders but less than micro cut shredders.

Strip Cut Paper Shredder Machine

These are the features you can expect when you buy a heavy duty strip cut paper shredder machine:

  • Cutting mechanism: Strip cut shredders slice paper into long, narrow strips.
  • Security level: Provides basic security, suitable for non-confidential documents.
  • Document reconstruction: Easier to reconstruct shredded documents.
  • Suitable for: Suitable for general office use where security is not a major concern.
  • Cost: Generally the most affordable option among shredders.

Micro Cut Paper Shredder Machine

Should you opt to buy a micro cut variation, this heavy duty paper shredder can provide you with the following:

  • Cutting mechanism: Micro cut shredders slice paper into tiny particles.
  • Security level: Provides the highest level of security, ideal for highly confidential documents.
  • Document reconstruction: Nearly impossible to reconstruct shredded documents.
  • Suitable for: Ideal for offices handling highly sensitive information.
  • Cost: Typically the most expensive option due to its high security features.

Shredder Types Comparison Table


Cross Cut Shredder

Strip Cut Shredder

Micro Cut Shredder

Cutting mechanism

Slices paper into small cross-sections

Slices paper into long, narrow strips

Slices paper into tiny particles

Security level




Document reconstruction



Nearly impossible

Suitable for

Office use, confidential documents

General office use, non-confidential

Offices handling highly sensitive info




Most expensive


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When it comes to high-quality paper shredder machines for your office, you can trust Office World Supplies to have what you need. Check out our range of shredders, from cross cut to micro cut, and find the perfect fit for your security needs. Enjoy competitive pricing and exceptional customer service when you order your paper shredders from our website. With a commitment to quality and reliability, Office World Supplies is your go-to source for all your office paper shredding needs.

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