"We have ordered an automatic shredder from Office World Supplies.  However, we decided to change to a manual one instead due to personal preference and informed Chloe accordingly."
Rightfully, the sales was final but Chloe allowed us to exchange out of goodwill.  Overall, it was a pleasant and wonderful experience dealing with Office World Supplies and Chloe."                                                        

Ms Cyra

"Ordering from Office World is quick and easy. The products description is detail enough and it is easy to navigate in the site. Price of the product can be considered one of the reasonable priced in the market compared to competitors.

We placed the order on a Sunday and was surprised that the staff contacted us on a Sunday to arrange for a delivery. Item is as per described and quality can be assured. 

The downside is that we won't be able to use paypal or credit card payment but I guess this is why the price is low too.

Thank you to Chloe for arranging the delivery for us :)"

Ms Ylva Ng