Explore Our Range of Magnetic Whiteboards & Wall-Mount Boards

A magnetic whiteboard or wall-mount board is essential for any business. Whether you’re a hedge fund manager or a construction firm, ensure your place of business is equipped with a high-quality whiteboard or wall-mount board. Explore a full range of sizes and wall-mounting configurations at Singapore’s own Office World Supplies. Rest assured that we can provide the unit you need to help make meetings and brainstorming sessions simpler and better. As the prime whiteboard supplier in Singapore, you can rest assured that we have the best products for your business.

Magnetic Whiteboards

A magnetic whiteboard is a writable surface that can hold magnets, making it versatile for writing and displaying notes or documents. What makes it different from other whiteboards is that it can hold magnets, making it convenient for attaching papers and other tools. These magnetic whiteboards are ideal for organising and visualising information in offices and classrooms. They are commonly used for presentations, planning and collaborative work.

When you shop at OWS in Singapore, you can find five types of magnetic whiteboards available, such as:

  • Wall Mount Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Frame & Pen Tray
  • Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Mobile Stand (Single-Sided) 
  • Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Mobile Stand (Double-Sided) 
  • PLUS Double Sided Partition Whiteboard (W1250MM)
  • PLUS Double Sided Partition Whiteboard (W950MM)

Wall Mount Whiteboards

A wall-mount whiteboard is designed to be fixed on walls, providing a permanent writing surface in a specific location. Most schools and offices opt for this type of whiteboard as it can help maximise space efficiency. Wall whiteboards are ideal for meetings, lectures, pinning notices, and planning sessions.

At OWS in Singapore, we not only have wall-mount whiteboards but boards with other configurations as well. These include green felt boards, cork boards, and magnetic glass boards that are suitable for pinning announcements or even brainstorming ideas. Choose from a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Mobile Whiteboard

A mobile whiteboard is a versatile and portable writing surface, perfect for dynamic and collaborative environments. Unlike wall-mounted whiteboards, mobile whiteboards come with wheels, allowing you to move them easily from one location to another. This flexibility makes them ideal for spaces that need adaptable setups, such as classrooms, conference rooms, and open-plan offices. They are particularly useful for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations, where you might need to work in different parts of the room.

When you browse our catalogue, you can discover mobile whiteboards in various sizes and configurations, including both single-sided and double-sided options. Our range ensures you find the perfect fit for your needs, whether it's for quick notes or extensive planning.

Wall Mount Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Frame & Pen Tray

Durable, stain-resistant whiteboard that comes with a marker pen tray.

Wall Mount Green Felt Notice Board with Aluminium Frame

Quality wall-mount board for pinning notices and announcements.

Wall Mount Cork Board with Aluminium Frame

Perfect for pinning and organising reminders, events, and plans.

Wall Mount Magnetic Glass Board

Sleek, modern surface for writing and displaying notes.

Wall Mount Board Sizes and Types

OWS provides a variety of wall-mount boards in different sizes and materials, ensuring a perfect fit for any space and purpose.


Wall Mount Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Frame & Pen Tray

Wall Mount Green Felt Notice Board with Aluminium Frame

Wall Mount Cork Board with Aluminium Frame

Wall Mount Magnetic Glass Board

60 cm x 90 cm

90 cm x 90 cm


90 cm x 120 cm

90 cm x 150 cm


90 cm x 180 cm


90 cm x 210 cm


90 cm x 240 cm


100 cm x 150 cm

120 cm x 120 cm


120 cm x 150 cm


120 cm x 180 cm

120 cm x 210 cm


120 cm x 240 cm



The Choice Whiteboard Supplier In Singapore

All of our magnet and wall-mount whiteboards are made from high-quality melamine, ensuring that your unit will survive years of hard, daily use. Designed to be durable and stain-resistant, your whiteboard simply wipes clean, so you can always start with a blank slate on a new project. 

You can also find other boards of different configurations in our selection as well. Discover cork boards, glass boards, and green felt boards for your company notices or school announcements. Take a look at our collection and find something for your workplace in Singapore today.

With an inventory sourced from only trusted manufacturers and a drive to provide our customers with the best whiteboards and wall-mount boards, it’s no wonder many businesses choose Office World Supplies. Place your order from this leading whiteboard supplier today or contact us at our Singapore office with any questions at 6631 8303. Customisation of our whiteboard is available so kindly talk to our staff to learn more.

Aside from whiteboards and wall-mount boards, we also provide other office supplies and equipment, including a portable projector screen and cross-cut shredder