GBC ShredMaster XP426+ Shredder ( New )

GBC ShredMaster XP426+ Shredder ( New )

  • $2,099.00

Trade in existing shredder for additional $100 rebate from retail price.

ShredMaster XP426+ 

Jam Free Cross Cut Office Shredder 

Momentum Extra jam free paper shredders are ideal for destroying confidential documents in the office. Active  sensing technology measures the number of sheets being fed in real-time to stop paper jams and misfeeds;  indicated by a red LED on the control panel. This paper shredder will not operate until the number of sheets is  reduced below or at the maximum sheet capacity. This cross cut shredder is designed for moderate to heavy use  with its high sheet capacity, large bin size and continuous run time. There's no need to remove staples and paper  clips first; this GBC shredder also safely shreds CD's, DVD's and credit cards through a separate feed slot. 

Features & Benefits 

  • 4 x 35 mm Cross cut, P-4 security level for confidential documents 
  • Maximum 26 sheets (80gsm) of paper per pass* 
  • Easy to empty 120 litre pull out bin 
  • 4 Hours of continuous operation 
  • Touch panel control 
  • 55 dBA ultra-quiet noise level

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