Joyusing V500-4K Document Camera

Joyusing V500-4K Document Camera

  • $490.00

Joyusing V500 series is PC free document camera with max 4K and 1080P resolution. Connect it to an interactive panel, monitor, or projector via HDMI/VGA, and you'll be able to present your materials via a big screen without using a computer.

Direct HDMI/VAG Projection to a TV, Monitor, or Projector with No Computer Required

The HDMI connection is available to a touch screen, monitor, or projector because of built-in PC-free software. The PC-free mode include rotation, split-screen, annotation and magnifying, etc. An immersive classroom is easy to come out with the help of a V500 document camera.

Built in LED Light and Microphone

Built-in LED light for use even in dimly lit environments and a microphone for better communications.

Camera Control Buttons

The circular action button panel located at the base of V500 provide quick access to Joyusing Visualizer software's functions, no matter in PC free or PC required , such as zooming in and out, autofocus, snapshot, etc.

Easy Physical Buttons & Multiple Ports

Press one button to zoom, auto focus or go to the main menu, it is helpful in PC free scenario. Ports available for USB / VGA IN&OUT / HDMI, SD Card. You can always find a connection to your devices.

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